Youth Church

Youth Church - Boston, MA

God is still speaking to us and so are our youth. The Bethlehem Haitian Baptist Church, Boston, MA is committed to leadership and spiritual formation and youth advocacy. Connect with resources for and by young people and the youth workers, leaders, advocates and the ministers who partner in this great work of faith. We strive to empower young ones to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.

Bethlehem Haitian Baptist Church, Boston, MA believes in teaching adolescents what a life of discipleship looks like. As the baptized members of the Church, youth are called to serve others and to serve the God, bringing about the Kingdom of God in multiple unique ways. It is the youth minister, pastor, or parent's job to empower their adolescents to live Christian lives of discipleship. Young people are empowered when they are always welcomed into our Church in MA that speaks to their hearts with the pure joy of the Gospel and the great strength of the Eucharist. When youth frequently engages with the Gospel, challenge their own spiritual lives, and are bestowed the adventure of discipleship through our Church, they can begin to dedicate themselves totally to Jesus Christ in concrete ways.

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