Religious Centre

Religious Centre - Boston, MA

The Bethlehem Haitian Baptist Church is one of the leading religious centers in Boston, MA who guides people towards the faith and love for the Christ. The gospel, or the good news, is the message of the Holy Bible that God is redeeming His fallen creations through the coming of His holy kingdom in the person and work of the Jesus Christ.

We consider that by bringing the good news to Boston, MA we can most effectively reach our own culture, our country, and the whole world. Serving in MA also provides us with a unique opportunity to love and serve the next generation of committed youths, the unreached, cultural influencers, and the poor in Boston, MA. Our main goal is to see the Core Four (Truth, Fellowship, Communion, and Prayer) evident in the individuals’ lives. This will naturally happen as the discipleship occurs weekly in homes throughout Boston, MA. At Bethlehem Haitian Baptist Church, we understand that God owns everything, and God has called us to be good stewards of His resources. Therefore, we thoroughly invest our time, our talents, and our money in things that matter to God. We always practice and encourage a debt-free living and generous giving out of our desire to be wise stewards of God’s resources.

The Bethlehem Haitian Baptist Church is not just a place of worship, but a community aspiring to proclaim the cross, working to cultivate disciples, embracing the oppressed, and inviting you to join the movement in Boston, MA.